Built from the ground-up to be the ultimate in flexibility

Our trading activities cover all geographical areas and serve a network of small independents, major oil companies, and national entities around the world. Endofas core business is to trade in specialized, niche products that bring value to its clients and counter parties.


A team of friendly people combining
professionalism and flexibility.

  • History

    Endofa was founded in 2013, with the founding members not only having experience in Marine Fuel, but experience in ship operating and chartering. Endofa has invested in infrastructure, credit lines and local partnerships with the same philosophy.
    Today Endofa operates across 7 offices and serves clients around the world.
    We believe our history is not half as interesting as our future, which will be to serve our clients in a transparent, safe and honest manor.

  • Approach

    Endofa does not only approach our clients and partners as a trader and a physical fuel supplier. Irregardless of which capacity we approach our counterparts we come with a with vested interest in your entire operation, capable and willing to assist in any matter to achieve common goals and profits. When approached by Endofa, we are doing so after carefully having identified areas of your business where we can assist you.
    An approach and a sale is only beneficial if there is a success on both sides of the transaction.

  • Culture

    Endofa is formed and operated by employees and owners with a firm belief in our culture and our brand. Not only is Endofa a preffered marine fuel supplier for many owners and operators, but Endofa is a choice made consciously each and everyday with a request of commitment and the ability to make a difference in the industry.